We exist to live with one hand to the gutter and one hand to the sky. We believe that the gutter is not just where the homeless and outcast reside. We believe that the gutter is anywhere that the Gospel is not. The homeless man or the CEO can both be in the gutters of life. The places where depression, loneliness, and pain control our lives.

We also believe that we are called to live one hand to the sky, or to say, one hand to God. This is our way of saying that we don't have it all together but we know who holds everything together. We believe that living this way shows that we are not better people who know how to live, but people who desperately need God's help and want to show the world that we both need help and we receive it from the good news, the Gospel, of who Jesus is and what He has done, and is doing, on our behalf.




Our mission statement is simple.
Only three words.
It defines how we fulfill our vision.