What is truth? This is the question that generation upon generation has asked - with few attaining any real answers. We believe in order to answer this question, we must first ask ourselves, "What do I believe about the Bible? Is it, as so many think, a source of truth, or is it possible that it goes beyond that?" We firmly believe that it does go beyond the Bible being a source of truth; that the Bible is Truth itself. We believe that Truth, in pursuit of mankind, became man - walked among us - and taught us principles and precepts that we could build our very lives upon.

We believe that these ancient Scriptures were not just a teaching for the day; rather, they are relevant, guiding us through the social and relational issues of today. We believe the message of Truth has not changed, nor does it need anything added to it. It withstands the test of time. We guard these teachings. We treasure these teachings. We freely share these teachings.


God, rich in grace and mercy, has woven us into a family. We are now a community of believers that extends far beyond the walls of any building. Within the embrace of community, we find acceptance and belonging. We may even be surprised to find that we have something to offer back. We learn to lean on others when we are weak. We learn to care when another's strength wanes. We learn to weep with the broken-hearted and to celebrate in others' victories. We practice the art of servanthood; placing a higher value on the lives of others than on our own.


One of the greatest gifts mankind has ever experienced is simply the access to worship the Living God. Our worship extends beyond the traditional singing of hymns or giving of money in an offering. We believe that, within the community of faith, there should be freedom to worship through the arts: poetry, painting, and dance. Through the lives we lead day to day, we worship God by the decisions we make - the way we treat our spouse - raise our children -  feed the poor - the words we say - the thoughts we think...and the list goes on. God, in His supreme wisdom and foresight, has offered to us His gift of worship in such a manner that we can incorporate it into every aspect of our lives. We recognize this gift. We value this gift. We honor this gift.


One thing the human race is fast to recognize is the fact that life is a journey. Some seasons of this journey that we are on may more accurately be described as a roller coaster, while others may be compared to the struggle of crossing the dry barren desert under the scorching heat, with our water supply fast approaching an end. One moment we celebrate life with that of a newborn baby - the next we walk into our worst nightmare. Life is a journey - all mankind would agree.

We believe that there is more to the journey than just going along for the ride. We believe that there is a mission in the midst of the madness. We believe there is a calling for us to be salt - a seasoning that influences its surroundings. We are to reflect God's light in culture that is groping in the dark. We are to bind the wounds of the broken-hearted - to feed the hungry - to clothe the naked. We believe we are called to know Truth, and to be unashamed in teaching the disillusioned. We believe God has equipped the body of Christ with gifts, talents, and resources not for themselves, but rather to give away! We believe our mission begins locally and extends regionally, nationally, and ultimately globally.