As people, we were created for and long for true community. We watch shows that depict groups of people who hold together and know each other because that is one of the things that we long for as people. At The Shift, we believe that this is something that God placed into the hearts of people and that it is something that we desperately need. We also believe that true community is hard and that, at the core, it needs an understanding of the Gospel. We see that Scripture teaches that if the root of our community is what God has done through the Gospel, we can have true community that lasts longer than community based on similar interests. It will still be hard, but we all know that things worth doing are the hard things.

  • Bryan & Alyssa Joy

    downtown-SW ALBANY / Thursdays @ 6:30pm


    Our group has about 15 members, plus three kiddos under two and two more on the way this year. We try to follow a "study, party, serve" model, which means each month we gather once to study the Word and discuss Sunday's message, once just to fellowship and have fun together, and once to serve our community together. For the past two years, we have supported each other through major and minor life events. We are blessed by this community God has provided us.

  • Lew & Brianna hines

    Northwest Albany / Every Other Tuesday @ 6pm

    Our group consists of roughly 12 members, a majority of them having small children anywhere from a few months to 5 years old. It's a crazy house sometimes but we love it! We love having dinner together (we usually just do potluck style) as well as gather together, fellowship and discuss Sunday's message. We believe that we are the mini-church within the larger church, meaning that we commune together, grow close together, and share life with one another. We hang out, eat food, discuss Sunday's message, and pray for one another

  • Eric & Jamie Freeman

    Lebanon / Thursdays @ 6:30pm

    Our group is made up of a variety of people from single mothers, single male adults, and young married couples with young children, and of course Karen and I as well seasoned adults. Even though this group may seem to be diverse in many, many ways and go every which direction, we have become very close, open, and real to each other. Our mutual goal is to not only get closer to each other as a group; taking care of each other's needs in the group, but most importantly to grow in the Lord and have a stronger walk with Christ.

  • Mark & Darlene Skinner, Kay Garr

    SW Albany / Every Thursday @ 7pm

    Our group consists of 12 members, ages ranging from thirties to sixty-plus. Weekly gatherings include fellowship around finger foods, discussion of prior Sunday's message, and conversational prayer. Most children of members are grown, and nearly all members work full-time (or more). Wide variety of experiences with God, including one who spent 20 years in overseas missions. Wide variety of occupations. Longest-running group in the church.


    SE Albany / Every Other Thursday @ 6:30pm

    Our GC is made up of men and women in almost every season of life. There are married with kids, single parents, and single people in our group. We always try to share a meal when we get together. Over the last couple of years we have walked through life's pain and victory together. The greatest thing about our GC is that if any of us need something, anything, we can call on our group and they will be there. 


    Albany / FIRST THREE SUNDAYS @ 6:30pm


    Our group consists of about 12 members, ranging from married to single, with no kids in the mix quite yet! We are a small little family within the big family of church, and each Sunday evening we get together, eat potluck style, discuss that Sunday's message using the church's study guide, and end in prayer. We believe it's important to grow as a community, so we always have our third Sunday meeting our fellowship night where we play games and hang out. Over the years we've grown together, helped each other through our walks with Christ, and shared in life's trials and joys!

together is better.