Curiosity is an event that is offered multiple times each year. Curiosity is an hour and an half of hearing the story of The Shift and also asking any questions that you may have for the elders. If you haven't been to one, you should join us next time.


    Connection is an event that gets you placed into a Gospel Community (our name for a small group or community group). The connection events take place once a quarter and offer you an opportunity to spend a Saturday morning getting to know your new Gospel Community. If you haven't gotten connected to a Gospel Community, please come to a Connection event or contact Bryan Joy.


    Commitment is a series of classes that are designed for a person or family that is interested in making a covenant commitment to The Shift Church. What is a Covenant Commitment? At The Shift, we don't have membership, per se. We believe that covenant commitment is more than just saying I am a part. We believe that we should commit to love, serve, protect, and hold each other accountable in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    If you are interested in learning more, please contact Bryan Joy.


    Commission is what the church, and primarily its leaders, are called to do; equip the saints for ministry. This is an area that we are working on tailoring to each person who aspires to serve, lead, and minister in the name of Jesus. More to come.

together is better.